Sweet City Kisses from the Ghosts Down on Broadway

by M O S A I C

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A year ago we set about recording demos of the tracks we were playing live regularly in our hometown, all these songs began to follow the same theme of being trapped in this strange, surreal urban landscape and so gradually these demos came together to form this strange little release -which naturally turned into it's own thematic journey through said landscape.
We chose to release the tracks as they were and from when they had been, which resulted in this free release you now see: Lo-fi, rough and encapsulating of the time in which it was recorded and of the land that it was trying to convey - enjoy! Thankyou.


released August 14, 2015

Nina Hamley
James Moss
James Turner
Blyth Bennet
Anna Davis

Voices -

Sean Harris
Alex Moss
Dan Maggs
Ollie Hunkin
Nick Weaver

Recorded by Nick Weaver and MOSAIC in the summer of 2014 at Commonweal School.
Mixed by James Moss and James Turner.
Produced by James Moss, James Turner and Nina Hamley.
All songs written and composed by James Moss except 12 by Blyth Bennet, 6 by Blyth Bennet/James Moss and 14 by James Moss/M.C.ACHE.
All songs were performed and arranged by MOSAIC, and are completely collaborative pieces.
Cover artwork by Nina Hamley.
With thanks to Nick Weaver and David Oliver, and Commonweal School.
For more specific track credits, visit the individual track info.



all rights reserved


M O S A I C Swindon, UK

5 piece art-pop and alternative fusion rock group hailing from Swindon in the UK. A bunch of teenagers striving to create interesting music with nods to both the past and present, with the hope of remaining creative and experimental but not at the expense of accessibility.
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Track Name: The City
The city that always sleeps / With both eyes wide open
Stretches far and wide
bone bleached bleached bone supports support
rising dull shards of splinters
Glint next to clouds stretched and screaming
clouds on spiked conveyor belts / burnt into well dressed uranium
You are entitled to your piece of the american pie chart
Your percentage scrawled onto the tips of your fingers
As you bury your face in the pillow
with both eyes staring up at the cracks in the ceiling
The city outside coughs with a golden tissue in it's hand
Ready to pluck you, fuck you and discuss with you, quiz you, query you
test you, love you, bug you and discover you
Through the leviathan splintering steel gods whose canopies you can only dream of
you go back home
and you don't sleep
Track Name: Parade
Blessed fire / burst out between arched teeth
carousel dreams / spread their wings
outstretched flesh / curdles in the sunshine
confetti clouds / drip dry from dream dry sockets
today there is a parade / a dazzling collection of ants
lacing the sweaty streets / with laughing flame upon flame
Deadbeat angels / please fix my blood
sound swells with sighs / of whistle and whine and the dream divine
Every other day there is a parade / in-between cold states of heartache
feasts of light and sound / burst like hearts upon flame
bones sag into ants and rats / sun soaks over us
but today there is a parade / in basking slow motion
smiles pierce weary mouths / lips cracked with flame upon flame
Track Name: Runnin' Out of the Drugs
Running out of the drugs, sensing the end
These people, are getting boring
Sell their sensical stories that can't be shot through a syringe
Sell my shadow, remember how we used to dance?
This just hurts
Sell my teeth and let the lies pour out
watch them burst apart, like fireworks
we're drying up and my mind's starting to notice things
remember how we used to sleep
This just hurts, sell everything, it's urgent, this just hurts
Track Name: Sacred
I was prepared for this / I knew what was to happen
But crisp lightning still snaked through me / I still choked on reality
Sugary sweet dreams surged / blurred hopes enough to help me sleep
Nothing but my burnt nerves are real / and I wept for reality
Nothing but the angels, frozen, with, fear
popping placebos, injecting cheer
safe behind armour, glinting, here
safe behind sadness, waiting, near
shade tinted glass said nothing's sacred / soft to think the same
Nothing ever hurt from such kind words / but sleep, lay shattered and shitting and dead
Such thoughts drained me down / Such thoughts left me drained and drowned
But never wrong / iron maiden armour to which I was bound
It told me nothing was sacred / and who cares if it is wrong
I don't want to be wrong
Nothing but the angels, frozen, with, fear
popping placebos, injecting cheer
safe behind armour, glinting, here
safe behind sadness, waiting, near
Track Name: Scientists Make Lousy Lovers
Scientists make lousy lovers
They can't can't dance that well
They can't hold me
Kids that hold all hearts like brothers
Tell me life's alright
They take my hand and they hold it
Scientists make lousy lovers
they understand it all
they took my heart and dissected the corpse
Sell your soul to others
They'll take in their stride
Write their books and just let it die
Kids whose love can only smother
borrow seconds and dance
they forgot about hell
Scientist make lousy lovers
They say love is but what you want
One day you'll see them dance
Track Name: Sandcastles
Erupting from the ground sandcastles pierce the sky
Hollow concrete chapels aching to boast their size
Soon there is a city, from the sand and dust
heavy hearts drag scorched feet, they must do what they must
And all throughout the land castles of golden sand
wrinkled and weathered hands adhere to ancient plans
and I
Sit and watch, on
Wait for the water
Wait for the water
Under the sandcastles (we must do what we must)
Wait for the water (we must build what we must)
Sprawling sand collected, spider legs soaked in tar
too shiny too big too tall it falls, and washes away the
choked cars, ocean waves bring memories
spluttering splattering redemption to peel back the centuries
These pebbles are cast aside, soon they rust
Dissipate evaporate, the water does what it must
and I
Sit and watch on
Wait for the water
Under the sandcastles we wait (we must do what we must)
Wait for the water (we must do what we must)
Track Name: No Living Souls
There's no living souls / on the beaches anymore
They walked/ right into the ocean
the sand began to hurt / it turned into coke cans
And we grew fish tails / that's all I heard about that
When we were young / we never cared for this
How come / we smiled so often
There's no living souls / in the aluminium jungles, anymore
you should know / you were there
It's our god given right to feel / something real
when we reach out for it
All the living souls strive to be real / I can't tell if they feel
when I reach out for them
There's no living souls / in the cities anymore
They packed, their possessions / and burnt it all
I heard someone scream / and the mob was all completely naked
They said they couldn't / lie anymore
There's no living souls / on the ground anymore
You should know / you reached out
It's our god given right to feel / something real
when we reach out for it
All the living souls strive to be real / I can't tell if they feel
when I reach out for them
It's only a matter of time before we feel / something real
and we're shocked by it
When that day comes we'll become real / and then we'll feel
like leaving
Track Name: Tattoo
I got a tattoo / it's a golden watermark
Doesn't it look so heavy? / can you see it from there
Pulling down on my eyelids /a lemon juice scar secret I've sworn to secrecy
I slip gold into it's a palm /and how heavily it holds onto my eyelids
i got a tattoo, you know / it's flashing between cracked lines
nude and naked / flogged into submission
whipped and moulded and commanded / a poster label beacon tag
a usp, conversation starter
erupting from my shouting sleeve / doesn't it look so heavy
Track Name: WonderMeat RoadTrip
Drive fast, for me, I can see, sneering skyscrapers rising
oh no, bye bye, our hearts have spluttered and there's claw marks down our throats
no wonder, we've been handpicked, by the man in the sun and the son who died for out guilt
at least I don't have to worry about my guilt
Our guilts beaten and chained up in the back seat and we're driving down the TV's golden road, towards something magical
Fill the tank, with foetuses and sip their blood until your knees wobble and rust
we'll just have to stab the sun man's son when he comes back again
drive fast, for me, I want to feel my cheeks freeze
I see buildings sink from the sky
Turn on, the radio
I want to drown out the screaming voices in my head
Track Name: Got My Ticket
I got my ticket out of here / I squeeze it all night and every day
Everywhere I keep it close to my chest / and it burns and screams at me
reminds me softly yet sharply / that it is here
between the scraped sky and the bloated lies
the glitched sighs and gobbled pills on corners / I got my
ticket / out of here
the skeleton of puppets in our city of ashes and worn faces /
of traffic chases / burnt out parades /
with coke residue in eye slits / and tears
the land from the beaten brain wanes / with my ticket out of here
The city is a dream / that gnaws at our hopes / and we are but car crash / junk bound ghosts
sucking sweet city kisses down on broadway
clutching our tickets out of here
we dream and drive
and sleep, sleep